Dear Foregen Supporters,

This past month Foregen has had a number of important announcements to share regarding our research projects!

First, an update on the current state of animal trials was made that you can find here. Our scientists are currently wrapping up their work on the first phase of animal trials and will soon be conducting the analysis of the results. Particular attention will be focused on how the tissue was integrated, including vascularization, biocompatibility, and how the matrix was remodeled.  Following this phase of the study, we will begin the next phase, the sheep model, which will focus its investigation on the mechanical aspects of the regenerated foreskin tissue.

We also have more progress to report on the histology study that we will be conducting with HistologiX, having since officially signed the contract with them at the beginning of September.  We have made the first payment for the study with them, HistologiX has ordered the antibodies which will be used in the preparatory work, and we are also reviewing the final study plan with them detailing all of the steps in the research.

In a new article for October, tissue engineer and public health advocate C.B. Raval, Ph.D explores historical causes of infection by industry manipulation and monopoly. In this piece, Dr. Raval outlines how infection became so prevalent and why foreskin regeneration is a solution that must be advanced.

A generous cryptocurrency donor in September donated more than $14,000 to Foregen, joining more than 20 new recurring donors who signed up for close to $600 in additional monthly donations.

Another amazing announcement is that September was also the biggest month for donations at Foregen: the community contributed a record total of $27,901! This makes a cumulative total of $842,306 to date. These donations have made all the research so far possible, including the ongoing animal trials and histology study.



Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer