In case you missed it we have a weekly recap of all the updates that Foregen put out for the
week of September 17th:

HistologiX, the U.K. based firm we’re contracted with to conduct our histology study has
ordered the antibodies they need to complete their work. These will be used in the preparatory
work for the assays used to examine the cell types and structures in the foreskin. Also,
HistologiX will soon order the control tissue samples, which will be used to make sure the
Immunohistochemical (IHC) assays for biomarkers are optimized for use on the donor foreskin

An update on our animal trials was published which included three photos, giving you a first-
time, inside look on this stage of our development in the lab. This post introduced three
veterinarians: Luca Pennasilico, the PhD that we’ve hired, along with two assistants Valentina
Riccio and Margherita Galosi. They have been assisting Dr. Palumbo with her work.

We revisited an essay by science writer Jessica Wapner, which explores the troubled history of
the foreskin in America. In it, she highlights John Taylor’s original histological work, which
mirrors our current research and is a useful reminder of the importance of our mission.

Lastly, as usual our thanks goes to our donors!