Hi Foregen supporters,

We wanted to take the time to share with you this exciting update of some photos that were sent to us by our scientists in the lab, working on the current phase of animal trials. 

In these photos you see some of our new veterinary staff that are part of the project, including Luca Pennasilico, the PhD candidate we hired, along with assistants Valentina Riccio and Margherita Galosi, all of whom are supporting Dr. Palumbo in the animal trials.

Three of Foregen’s staff currently assisting in the animal trials research. From left to right: Valentina Riccio, Luca Pennasilico, and Margherita Galosi.

Ongoing work on the animal trials, conducted at the university, under Dr. Palumbo.

Foreskin extracellular matrix being implanted to test for biocompatibility.

As we progress through these experiments we will look to share all of the information that we can, including the general outlook of the researchers on the results, while refraining from disclosing more specific data as much of it must be retained only for official publication and can’t be made public yet.

For now, our researchers will soon begin to analyze the results and acquire data from the extracellular matrices that were implanted, especially concerning remodeling of the ECM as well as vascularization.

We look forward to continuing the research and providing updates, both on the animal trials and the recently started histology study with HistologiX, all of which has been possible thanks to your donations and support. If you’d like to help continue this research and receive more updates like these, please consider making a donation to Foregen.


Tyler Drozd
Chief Operations Officer