All hands are on deck, and the Foregen community has pitched in with remarkable success! We've raised $22,500 so far for our GoFundMe Campaign, bringing us to the halfway point of our $45k goal. The enthusiasm and commitment you've shown thus far are truly inspiring, and we couldn't be more grateful.

The Next Phase: Final Sheep Trials

The funds we are raising play a pivotal role in our upcoming endeavors. Every dollar contributes to:

- Ensuring we have the best veterinarian staff onboard.

- Securing the lab space needed for our research.

- Acquiring the sheep essential for our trials.

- Purchasing all materials and equipment required.

These components are crucial as we anticipate this to be our final sheep experiments, setting the stage for human clinical trials.

Join Us in the Home Stretch

With another $22,500 to raise, we're reaching out to ask for your continued support. Whether it's by contributing again, sharing our cause with friends and family, or spreading the word on social media, every bit of effort makes a significant impact.

Donate Now

While the goal may seem ambitious, with the momentum we have and the commitment from our community, we are confident we can reach it together.

Let's make this final push and bring our vision one step closer to reality.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. With your help, we're not just raising funds - we're developing the world's first regenerative therapy for circumcised men.


The Foregen Team