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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foregen's goal?

Why foreskin regeneration?

How can I help Foregen reach their goal?

How is Foregen different than other forms of foreskin restoration?

Does regenerative tissue have the potential to become cancerous?

How can Foregen regenerate nerves?

Will a restored foreskin interfere with the surgery?

Does Foregen use neonatal tissue or embryonic stem cells?

How much will the procedure cost and will insurance be able to cover part of it?

Does Foregen have the personnel to conduct the research?

Does signing up for the clinical trials early increase your chances of getting in?

Will a man’s penis need to stay flaccid for a period of time after the procedure?

Will there be a big enough supply of donor tissue before 3D bioprinting is available?

Will I have to go abroad to get the procedure or will it be available in my home country?

Where does the donor foreskin actually come from?

How far has Foregen progressed in its research so far?

What about phimosis or if I’ve had it before?

Can the regenerated foreskin be adjusted to fit any penis size?

How will the nerves of the new foreskin work?

Will you regenerate the frenulum and ridged band?