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Before Foregen can release a public procedure to the market, a fully regulated human clinical trial (HCT) must first be completed. Human clinical trials will be controlled and have the proper governmental approval. They will be conducted by medical professionals adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards of practice and research.

Foregen intends to design an HCT that is multi-phase, multi-cohort. This means the trial will involve several stages and several groups of men.

Currently we are recruiting potential trial participants who are:

1) Males over the age of 18.

2) Circumcised, but not otherwise suffering from other health problems.

If you satisfy the above requirements and are interested in volunteering for this trial, we would be happy to hear from you. All medical care will be provided free of charge and you will be able to withdraw from the trial at any stage.

Volunteering for this clinical trial makes you eligible to benefit first from the most advanced medical technologies available for foreskin regeneration. However, like all medical procedures, such participation carries some risk. The medical professionals conducting the trial will discuss with you the full range of options, possibilities, and dangers in order to assess your suitability for a trial. They will also, of course, need to obtain your full written informed consent to participate in the trial.

Any person who indicates an interest is not under any obligation to take part - you will simply be removed from our list of potential participants upon request. (But we don’t think you’ll want to!)

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* Please note: By signing up below you are officially enrolled to be considered for human clinical trials. This does not enroll you in Foregen's HCT, it simply ensures you receive relevant information regarding those trials as it becomes available.

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