Animal Regen Experiments

Animal Regen Experiments


Foregen’s first experiments include decellularizing and regenerating animal foreskins to establish a method to apply to human tissue.

The background

It is customary to experiment with animal tissue before any drug or procedure is first introduced to human patients. For this reason, foregen has decided it is best to perform the standard method of regeneration on bovine foreskins to prove that it is possible to regenerate a tissue that is both thin and elastic like the human foreskin. 

What progress has been made?

foregen is currently working with scientists at the University of Bologna’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Italy to fully regenerate bovine foreskins. We have successfully decellularized these foreskins, thus completing our first benchmark! The extracellular matrices of these foreskins will be cryogenically stored until the results of our work are fully analyzed and ready to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Once we have completed the analysis, we will fully regenerate these animal foreskins with the use of stem cells.

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What do we intend to achieve?

foregen aims to fully regenerate bovine foreskins to prove the viability of regenerating foreskin tissue. Concurrently,foregen will acquire human tissue to conduct similar experiments on in order to fully regenerate human foreskin! There will be many challenges along the way; we at foregen have no disillusions about the magnitude of our goals. However, we strongly believe we will be successful in our pursuit of foreskin regeneration. Once we have successfully regenerated human foreskins, we will conduct a human clinical trial as soon as it is safe to do so.

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