Dear Friends and Supporters of Foregen,

We're thrilled to share the significant strides we've made in our sheep trials. Having successfully achieved revascularization and re-epithelialization, we're getting closer to our ultimate goal. So, we've hosted a special September Fundraiser on GoFundMe. Your generous support will help bring us closer to the finish line!

The Journey So Far

Our initial trials involved attaching decellularized foreskin samples directly onto the backs of sheep. Unfortunately, due to inadequate blood flow, necrosis occurred in several implantations. But every setback is an opportunity for learning. We went back to the drawing board, refined our approach, and embarked on the next round of trials.

In our subsequent trials, we applied foreskin samples to the udder area of sheep. We saw encouraging improvements, with revascularization observed in several sheep. Yet, challenges emerged as the sheep started biting and scratching the area.

Our Current Progress

For our latest trials, we've innovated an approach that ensures not just revascularization but also re-epithelialization. By burying the foreskin sample tissue beneath a flap of skin on the sheep, the sheep's body itself became a natural bioreactor, creating a vascular network. This method, if successful in humans, could help us avoid necrosis and promote full tissue integration.

Our final vision is a two-stage surgical technique where the decellularized ECM is partially buried beneath the patient's epidermis, then removed and properly attached in the correct position on the penis. To refine this technique and eliminate uncertainties, we need to conduct a final round of experimentation on sheep, set to begin in September 2023.

Our Ask

We need your help. This crucial final round of experimentation costs approximately $100,000. This will pay for the tissue samples, the sheep, the veterinary specialists, as well as the laboratory space. It's a necessary step before we can move forward to human clinical trials in late 2024. Your support will enable us to conduct these vital experiments, bringing us closer to providing a regenerative solution for circumcised men. Please contribute to our September Fundraiser hosted by GoFundMe!

Your support can offset the costs of this vital phase and propel us forward as we approach the final stage of our research. We're deeply encouraged by the progress we've made, and we're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Pledge your support today and join our efforts to be the first in history to fully reverse the harms of male circumcision.

Thank you for standing with us. Together, we may make the difference.


The Foregen Team