Dear Foregen Supporters,

We are happy to announce that we have officially signed the contract for the very exciting and awaited foreskin histology study. For this extremely important project, we have partnered with the UK based firm Histologix to conduct this highly specialized and critical component of Foregen’s mission to regenerate the human foreskin, and to lay much of the necessary groundwork for the future bioprinting of foreskin scaffolds.

This research, funded by your donations, will provide Foregen with the critical data necessary to develop a fully functional, fully regenerated tissue. This extremely important research has not been conducted by anyone in this space in over 25 years, with the original publication of Taylor, et al. in 1996. With modern technologies and techniques, Foregen is establishing the firm ground needed not just for the completion of it’s own mission, but also for the issue of ending male circumcision worldwide. We look forward to sharing more with you as the study progresses!

Recently an article in Discover Magazine, titled “Why Human Foreskin Is a Hot Commodity in Science”, caught our attention due to the flagrant disregard for any ethical considerations surrounding the use of neonatal foreskin tissue in scientific research. Foregen’s own Senior Writer, Ryan Jones, has put together a letter to the editor and submitted it to Discover Magazine, which we have also published here. It addresses how the article in Discover Magazine ignores the unethical use of foreskin tissue and how the important functions of the foreskin have been entirely omitted.

Lastly, this month Foregen has had another generous cryptocurrency donor to thank for a $10,000 donation, which has put us at $23,451 in August, the third time this year we’re over $20,000 and the highest month in Foregen’s history. This donor was joined by more than 20 other new donors this month who signed up for close to $500 in recurring donations. This means Foregen has raised a total $814,405 to date, enabling critical projects like the current animal trials and the new histology study to be conducted - we thank every one of you, and we believe we have reached a new and important chapter of Foregen’s history.


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer