In case you missed it we have a weekly recap of all the updates that Foregen put out for the week of October 16th:

This week we tallied up the amount of crypto donations so far and are astonished with the result: $35,000! Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of our supporters from the crypto community. If you’d like to but haven’t yet, you too can donate with crypto by heading over to our donation page and choosing the Bitpay or Engiven option!

Additionally, we’ve confirmed the final study plan with HistologiX! The assay optimization should begin within a few weeks, and we’ll keep you up to date on this progress. This is critical not only for knowing the benefits of the foreskin, but will provide data for human trials too.

And lastly, senior staff met with Dr. Angela Palumbo this week to discuss the completion of Phase II Part 1 of the animal trials. She shared the initial results from her and her team of veterinarians, and we will soon be posting an update for you all as well!

As usual our thanks goes to our donors!