In case you missed it we have a weekly recap of all the updates that Foregen put out for the week of September 10th:

We officially signed the contract with HistologiX, a U.K. based firm connected with our tissue supplier that will be conducting a histology study with us!  More details this month and as the study progresses.

Foregen also confirmed receipt by HistologiX on the first invoice payment. An exciting first step as work on the process will now officially begin. As always, your support has made this possible. Stay tuned for more updates on the project!

A recent article from Discover Magazine caught our attention, but not for good reason unfortunately. Titled "Why Human Foreskin is a Hot Commodity in Science", Foregen’s Senior Writer, Ryan Jones, wrote a letter to Discover addressing the major issues, also posted here on Commentarium.

Lastly, as usual our thanks goes to our donors - and for August they helped put us over the goal for the third time this year: $23,451 was raised, with $10,000 from a cryptocurrency donor and 20 new donors who signed up!