Dear Foregen Supporters,

We reported recently that we overcame the last administrative hurdles in commencing the second phase of animal trials with sheep. We are also happy to report that the sheep trials will begin on June 24th! We are very excited to move forward and share more information with you as this phase of Foregen’s groundbreaking research progresses.

Foregen’s Chief Science Officer has released his fourth article on Commentarium, finalizing his biocompatibility series, providing helpful context to the research we are conducting. This entry focuses heavily on wound healing and tissue repair, particularly the difference between tissue repair and tissue regeneration; The latter being facilitated by an acellular dermal matrix, which is the same category of material that the decellularized extracellular matrix (ECM) scaffolds are a part of, which Foregen is using. This article incorporates fewer mathematical concepts and should be more easily digestible for lay readers. If you missed the previous articles in Eric’s biocompatibility series, you can read the first, second, and third to catch up.

As we mentioned in previous newsletters, we released a short intro video about Foregen’s mission. It’s a quick 90 second summary of who and what we are and makes for a great way to share the topic with someone you know, which we highly encourage! You can watch it here on our YouTube channel.

As a part of Foregen’s growth and continued progress, we are working on building out a quality press kit. In addition to the video above, we also produced a slide deck that explains Foregen’s mission, organization, and goals in a professional and easy-to-read way. For those who wish to share more technical details about Foregen in a written format, this slide deck is a great option, and you can find the PDF file here.

In May, $18,506 was raised from donors, and includes $900 from Amazon Smile - thanks to those of you who chose to add us as your charity! We also had 16 new recurring donors sign up for a total of over $500 dollars. Recurring donors are an integral part of Foregen’s mission and help firmly establish our research progress and quality. If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a recurring donor here and receive access to Foregen’s donor rewards and benefits!

We’ll have more to share in the next month, so stay tuned!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer