Research Roadmap

Our Work

Foregen’s tasks are:

  • Conduct preliminary experimentation with animal tissue to prove a viable method for foreskin decellularization.
  • Decellularize human foreskin tissue and confirm its viability for biocompatibility and recellularization experiments.
  • Apply our knowledge from previous steps to confirm biocompatibility and decellularize human foreskin tissue.
  • Take all of this knowledge and apply it in a series of human clinical trials.
  • Lastly, to produce a viable public procedure that can be marketed


Current Progress

Foregen has completed roughly half of its necessary milestones required to complete our research and meet our goal

  • Preliminary I: Acquire qualified scientists with properly equipped laboratories for research (Completed). Consult our team page to find out more about our scientific advisory board.

  • Preliminary II: Conduct preliminary experiments on animal tissue to prove a viable method for regeneration (Completed).

  • Phase I: Conduct decellularization experiments on human tissue as Phase I (Completed). Consult our scientific paper at SAGE Journal of Tissue Engineering for more information on our research.

  • Phase II: Conduct recellularization experiments on human tissue alongside animal trials as Phase II (In Progress).

  • Phase III: In conjunction with animal trials Foregen is looking to conduct a histological study on the foreskin to acquire more in-depth information on the unique structures of the foreskin (Not Yet Started).

  • Phase IV: Conduct a multi-stage human clinical trial as Phase III (Not Yet Started).

  • Phase V: Organize and subsequently release the procedure to the public (Not Yet Started).


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We Are Currently In Phase II Of Our Journey

Phase II consists of conducting animal trials to confirm biocompatibility and achieve fully regenerate foreskin tissue. These results will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Of course, this road map is a simplification. There are complexities and uncertainties in such pioneering research. Foregen cannot guarantee the final outcome or predict unforeseen obstacles that may fall in our way. However, we know how much success dermal regeneration has had, so we have good reason to believe that it will succeed for our purposes. 

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