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Male genital cutting is a problem on a global scale, and as a result requires being able to communicate with people who speak different languages.  As an essential part of Foregen's mission we are working on making various materials available in key languages that will help to communicate our work and spread the word.


Below we have four documents we compiled summarizing what Foregen does, as well as detailing regenerative medicine and the functions of the human male foreskin.  The first set of documents is in English with each set following in a different language.


We want to make these resources available so supporters in different countries can take advantage of them to communicate with those in their community the importance of genital integrity.  If you have any questions or comments about what we have posted here, don't hesitate to leave us feedback using this form.

Original English Documents

About Us

Human Clinical Trials

Regenerative Medicine

The Human Foreskin

(Arabic) العربية


معلومات عنا

التجارب الطبية على الإنسان

الطب التجديدي

قلفة الإنسان

(Hebrew) עברית


ניסויים קליניים בבני אדם

רפואה רגנרטיבית

העורלה האנושית

한국어 (Korean)

우리에 관해서

인간 임상 시험

우리에 관해서

인간의 포피

Français (French)

Qui sommes nous

Essais Cliniques Humains

Médecine régénérative

Le prépuce humain



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