Dear Foregen Supporters,

This month we are excited to announce that, as part of our agreements with the Marche Region of Italy and the University of Camerino, we have selected Luca Pennasilico as the Ph.D. candidate who will be with us for the duration of the animal trials! We are happy to welcome him to our scientific team and look forward to having him contribute to Foregen’s scientific research and progress. We hope to have even more exciting updates on research progress in the coming weeks. 

Another big announcement we have is the inclusion of two new additions to Foregen’s advisory board - Adam and Shingo Lavine. Both Adam and Shingo are dedicated supporters and are passionate about creating a sea-change in circumcision and the implications for human rights and offering men a solution through Foregen. Adam and Shingo are working on the issue of circumcision across the social, legal and political spectrum, including working with Foregen and Foregen’s advisors on new initiatives that will aim to expand Foregen’s base, as well as push circumcision into mainstream awareness.

You can read both of their bios under the advisers tab on the about page!

These initiatives will encompass efforts to connect with other groups, empower men to make their voices heard, and create more content to generate interactions and activity to promote awareness of genital integrity and Foregen. The primary benefit behind for Foregen is to push hard to achieve our monthly goal in donations. Our supporters have made it clear that this model is feasible, and we believe that we can achieve our $20,000 goal moving forward. The first step was our highly successful donor rewards program, which since its implementation, has so far seen a noteworthy uptick in donations. The next step is to improve and expand on Foregen’s main pages, as well as generate new content. Therefore, Foregen is launching a new publishing platform, Commentarium. 

We already have volunteers who will be writing on several topics which we think will be not only of interest to our supporters but also to a general audience. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as the production of valuable content not only provides meaningful and important information to educate the public and combat misinformation, but also provides increases in traffic, exposure, and thus supporters to contribute to the cause. With our new advisors and their industry experience, we are very confident that this approach will provide significant benefits while minimizing man-hour requirements from volunteers.

We will be opening up this platform to general submissions from our supporters if you’re interested in writing on a particular topic or sharing a personal perspective. If you or someone you know is interested in writing content to be published with Foregen on Commentarium, and you have a draft already written, you can submit it for consideration via this link here. All submissions will undergo an editorial process in which editors review your work for fit with the platform and overall quality. While editors ensure only appropriate materials end up being published, new writers should be aware that editors want to help you along the process to produce your best work.  If you have an idea for a proposal for an article that you would like to submit, and don’t have a manuscript prepared, please use this link here.

If you or someone you know supports Foregen’s work and wants to aid in continued development, consider becoming part of our donor rewards program! Over the last two months, we’ve had more than 70 new donors sign up - we’re happy to welcome them to the community and appreciate their support!

In October we raised $12,557 from all of your continued contributions! Overall this month’s donations have brought us to a running total of $649,611 to date, all due to dedicated supporters that have worked to bring the project to where it is now. With our new planned initiatives (more coming in the next newsletter) we look forward to attracting even more donors and expanding our audience going forward.

We hope everyone is doing alright!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer