Dear Foregen Supporters,

Thanks to all of our current and new donors, we are now able hire yet another researcher for our team that will start collaborating with us at the beginning of June!  They will be coordinating with Dr. Palumbo and the rest of the members of the Italian scientific team.


This month we also have an article here to share on Commentarium from Ryan Jones, one of our staff and an independent journalist, titled ‘A Push Beyond Africa: The VMMC Campaigns Go Global’.  In this piece, he details how “despite the initial promises of limiting them to one continent, in the years since the initial development of VMMC programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, the same model is now being spread all throughout the developing world. Through initiatives sponsored by the U.S. government, researchers and public health workers are seeking to introduce the culture of routine neonatal circumcision in societies with little to no precedent for it.”


With Commentarium we are also interested in submissions from the broader Foregen community: if you have a topic or story that you think is of interest to the community we’d like to work with you on publishing it. You can submit your ideas at the link here.

In April we had more than 40 new donors sign up, for a total of over $900 in recurring donations! Monthly donations help us to plan out our projects and work, so if there’s someone in your life who might be interested in contributing, let them know about the important work being done and how it’s supported by our donor rewards program.


For April supporters helped to raise a total of $13,780 combined!  The donations from the past month bring us to a total of $734,294 over Foregen’s history.  Our thanks again goes to you and everyone who has made the work so far possible!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer