Dear Foregen Supporters,

We’re happy to announce that we have a new video format that we will be releasing alongside the written newsletter every month!  You can check out the video above on this page or on YouTube here and let us know in the comments what you think!

In this newsletter we’re also very excited to share that Foregen’s Chief Science Officer, Eric Cunningham, along with Chief Operations Officer, Tyler Drozd, were invited on Brendon Marotta’s newly launched podcast to discuss the project and research and other topics!  You can find his YouTube channel here as well as the website for the show here, where you can subscribe and support his new podcast.

This month we have the third article in our series on mass circumcision in Africa published on Commentarium here, called ‘The Fallout of Misguided Circumcision Campaigns in Sub-Saharan Africa.’ This piece explains how in the wake of the WHO and UNAID's hasty push to cut as many men, boys, and male babies as possible on the African continent, people on the ground are protesting the harmful unintended consequences. These articles serve to expose, through original, primary research, the numerous conflicts of interest and long-lasting consequences investigates of the World Health Organization and UNAID’s mass-scale circumcision programs across Sub-Saharan Africa.

With Commentarium we are also interested in submissions from the broader Foregen community: if you have a topic or story that you think is of interest to the community we’d like to work with you on publishing it. You can submit your ideas at the link here.

In March we had 30 new donors sign up, for a total of over $700 in recurring donations! Monthly donations help us to plan out our projects and work, so if there’s someone in your life who might be interested in contributing, let them know about the important work being done and how it’s supported by our donor rewards program.

Donors contributed to raise a total of $16,502 combined in March, making it another significant month on record. The donations from March have brought us to a sum of $720,514 over Foregen’s history - all thanks to the efforts of the community and the army of supporters that have helped to back the research. We’ll see you for the newsletter next month in May and share more updates with you then!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer