Dear Foregen Supporters,

We wanted to take the time and look back on all of the accomplishments that have been achieved together in 2021.

  • The human clinical trial was announced on our December YouTube Livestream with a planned start date in April 2023 with a duration of one year until March 2024. We also explained in greater detail the participant exclusion and inclusion criteria for the trial, why this matters, and what it means for Foregen; supporters seeking the procedure.

  • A record-breaking $249,925 was raised by Foregen supporters in December’s donor matching campaign sponsored by Executive Advisors Adam and Shingo Lavine, through Emerald Ocean Ventures. These contributions that you all have made will play a significant part in ensuring we have the funds necessary to continue our current projects as well as begin the human clinical trial phase.

  • We received official confirmation from Dr. Palumbo that the first part of animal trials, the rat model, was a success and this paves the way for the sheep model, the last part before the human trial phase.

  • We also started accepting cryptocurrency donations in 2021 and saw tremendous support from that community. In October Foregen officially surpassed the $1 million donation mark with two generous crypto donations of $120,000 and $60,000 respectively, and numerous other crypto donations between $35 and $14,300.

  • We partnered with HistologiX, a company well versed in providing Histology, Immunohistochemistry and Digital Pathology services, on a new histological study to quantify and discover more details on the foreskin’s complex nature. In September Foregen officially signed the contract with HistologiX to kickoff the histology study and begin ordering the necessary materials, and in November began immunohistochemistry assay optimizations. Currently, they have nearly finished this process, with one antibody left to complete.

  • Foregen commissioned a survey with YouGov America, an international research data and analytics group, to see where public opinion stands on circumcision and to see potential interest in Foregen’s therapy. You can find many interesting insights that resulted from the collection of this data on America’s perception of circumcision as well as the high percentage of men that may want Foregens procedure.

  • Foregen was able to share photos from the researchers and scientists in the lab conducting the animal trials in an update on the state of the experiments, and shared how they were progressing.

  • Foregen’s Communications Officer, Ryan Jones, also wrote and published a series of four pieces on the VMMC campaigns in Africa with new information on the corruption, conflict of interest, and just how misguided they were.  You can read the first one here.

  • We received close to $8,000 from corporate matching programs, and close to $3,000 from AmazonSmile. We encourage everyone to consider participating in these programs if you can - if you purchase something on Amazon or to ask if your employer is able to match your nonprofit contributions.

The progress that has been made in the past year and all of the great things still to come have been guided by your support to creating a solution for truly reversing circumcision. If you’d like to continue to support this work, consider signing up for a donation, or letting someone you know who cares about this issue! Our thanks goes to all of Foregen’s supporters for their continued dedication.


The Foregen Team