Hi everyone!


As expected, we've received a lot of positive feedback from our community on the recent announcement concerning human clinical trials and as usual, our thanks go out to our supporters for getting us all this far. We have received an overwhelming number of inquiries concerning the announcement and human clinical trials in general, the sheer number of which are a challenge to respond to. We wanted to take the time to make a quick post providing general clarity on the announcement. 


The bulk of these questions relate to participating in the trials. It is absolutely critical to understand that human clinical trials are a preliminary gateway to a public release. At the conclusion of clinical trials, any man can seek to have the public procedure once it is released, regardless of underlying conditions, etc. As it currently stands only 15 men will be chosen to participate, and while we are extremely happy to see such great interest in the trial, we also want everyone to hold realistic expectations in regards to participating. Many questions were also asked with respect to increasing one’s chances of being selected. Foregen’s staff will not be choosing the participants, as this will be performed by the proper medical personnel, and thus the only thing supporters who are otherwise eligible can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Further questions have been made concerning who qualifies and who does not qualify for the trial and for the procedure. The qualifying and disqualifying factors that we previously provided in this post apply to clinical trials only and are not applicable to a future public release of the procedure. Those of you who see that you are disqualified, we are very sorry but exemptions cannot be made and this process is not within our control. Foregen must adhere to the regulations, safety protocols, and ethics surrounding human clinical trials.


Many have asked if the specific medications that you’re taking disqualify you, and while we cannot answer every specific case of pharmacological treatment or personal condition, the general answer is addressed in the disqualifier of having “psychiatric conditions, severe anxiety, severe depression, or other psychiatric conditions requiring drug treatment”. If you fall under that description, then we are again sorry to inform you that you do not qualify to be a participant in the clinical trial portion of Foregen’s development. To reiterate, human clinical trials are a part of the modern scientific process surrounding medicine so strict controls must be adhered to, ensuring the safety and efficacy of trial participants as well as future patients, hence the disqualifications.


Others have asked about the certainty of the trial date. The date is planned based on the current progress and funding with the expertise of our scientific team that is well versed in human clinical trials. We are officially planning for this date with resources and personnel being allocated in this context.


The good news is that this clinical trial is not the last step of Foregen’s journey as it’s only the gateway to a full public release. So, for those of you who see that you're disqualified, again, those criteria do not apply to the actual public procedure when it becomes available.


We hope this can help rest some anxieties that some of you may have felt upon seeing that information and we wish you all a happy and healthy New Year on behalf of the entire team here at Foregen!