Chirag Raval, PhD

About the author

C.B. Raval, PhD, serves as a community developer, life scientist and public health advocate in Manhattan. C.B. has extensive training in tissue engineering and membrane transport as both a chemical and biomedical engineer and utilizes an interdisciplinary mindset to establish solutions across public health and medicine.

C.B. has produced value in the field via biotechnology commercialization, peer-reviewed research papers and crafting op-ed pieces supporting wellness and longevity. He currently serves as director for an early stage company regenerating joints via activating endogenous stem cells and as faculty at the City University of New York instructing biomedical science and engineering. Dr. Raval earned his Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering at The Graduate Center CUNY. He also holds a Master’s of Biomedical Engineering from The City College CUNY, along with his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware.