Dear Foregen Supporters,

We are happy to share a new update video from our founder, Vincenzo Aiello, about the upcoming animal trials and how we plan to structure this experiment!  He goes into detail about what has been planned in collaboration with our scientists and what they are looking to achieve with this set of experiments.

In connection with this, our Chief Science Officer previously published an overview with more details on animal trials that you can read here.  

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we’ve been working on a new donor rewards program which is now live!  Our Director of Digital Design and IT, Oscar Perez, and Mason Michalec, our intern in the same department, have both worked hard over the past month to implement this program for Foregen’s supporters.

On the new donations page you can find the details for the rewards and the different tiers that are available - the rewards apply to all recurring donors, as well as two tiers of larger, one time donations. Both current recurring donors and new recurring donors will have access to these benefits.

Two of the big perks that will be available are the official Discord and Telegram chats: for Discord, we wanted to make it as accessible as possible, and as a result it is available for all donors who contribute $5 monthly and above.  We look forward to building the community there so supporters can talk, connect and perhaps most importantly have a space where they can be understood.  For some of our higher recurring donors - $50 a month and above - Foregen is offering the Telegram executive chat, with a more personal and intimate feeling given its smaller size, where we will also be available to chat with those supporters.

There are more rewards for each tier so be sure to check them out!

We also sent an email announcing the new rewards to existing recurring donors to make sure they are aware of the program.  If for some reason you were not included in that email and you should have been, don’t hesitate to contact our support email at

If you are not a donor but would still like to join a group, an unofficial chat has also been started on Telegram that is open to everyone and ultimately not affiliated with Foregen - you can join via this invite link, which can also be found in the sidebar on the unofficial Foregen subreddit.

For the month of August we raised $9,794 from all of your continued contributions. Since Foregen’s founding, this brings us to an overall running total of $627,694 to date, and is a testament to those who have brought the project to where it is today. With our continued work and the new rewards program, we look forward to attracting even more donors and showing everyone the significance of the project.

We hope that this newsletter finds you well - we know that there many people facing all sorts of difficulties wherever they may be, and we hope that you are able to make the best of it.


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer