Dear Foregen Supporters,

First and foremost, we hope that you, your family, and friends have been able to stay safe and can find the resources you need during these times.

Going forward, we thought we would write the newsletter a little differently given the current situation with Coronavirus. in terms of the updates we provide.

To start off, we want to let all of you know that as usual we keep in regular contact with our personnel in Italy, and they are managing fairly well given the situation.

One of the big things that happened this month was the entire refresh of our site - every page has been touched on and edited in numerous ways to improve the user interface and experience.  We requested feedback from all of you to provide reports or constructive criticism that can help to improve - and we are very happy that many of you took the time to respond and let us know both the positive as well as issues you might have had.  We will be working on making those fixes, as well as adding new content to the site over time.

As part of the new site, we also overhauled the back end, including our email services, how we accept donations, and the sign up forms we have listed on the site.  Specifically with donations, there is a very small group of donors that we were not able to transfer over automatically to the new service. Your donations should still operate as normal. We will be contacting this specific group of donors to have you set up a new subscription via the new site and we will cancel your current one. This change is helpful since supporters will now be able to more readily modify their personal and financial information on their donation plan, as well as cancellations, via the email receipts you will receive. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

We are still in touch with potential investors, but as you can understand things are a bit delayed by the current conditions. Any potential delays in securing additional finances that we may face due to this situation should not effect our ability to continue the next phase of animal trials. We still have the resources in place to pick up our research when it is declared safe to do so. This has been enabled by your generous support and we hope to continue to be able to count on donors like yourself - this month we raised a total of $7,442.52 in donations. Your continued support despite the economic situation will ensure smooth operations and research.

We appreciate your continued patience during these times and look forward to continuing our research in the near feature.


Tyler Drozd

Chief Operations Officer