Dear Foregen Supporters,

Over the next few weeks our scientific team will be making a series of presentations, detailing in particular the techniques and methods involved in surgery, and how Foregen will arrive at the human clinical trial, planned for April 2023. We will share the most relevant details with you and make sure supporters are kept astride of the progress.

Oscar Perez and Mason Michalec from our web team have been hard at work on a new donation page that is now live on the site! This page is a significant improvement over the previous version, with streamlined clarity for both new and returning donors, as well as greater impact to help new supporters feel confident in contributing to Foregen’s mission of foreskin regeneration. You can check out the new donate page here, and if you’re feeling especially generous, you can test the page out for yourself!

The first part of our animal trials had the concept of biocompatibility at the center of the testing and analysis. In light of this, our Chief Science Officer, Eric Cunningham, has produced an article about biomaterials and biocompatibility that should be of great interest to our supporters. In this series, Eric gives us the background information necessary to help wrap our heads around the complex subject, and convey why it plays an important role in demonstrating how our solution will be effective and successful.

In February donors came together to raise a total of $13,804 in donations and $610 in new recurring donations. Thanks again to the community for all their efforts, and we look forward to sharing more in the next newsletter on the new developments mentioned here!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer