Dear Foregen Supporters,

To start off, we’re excited to report that, thanks to your donations, and with generous financial support both from the University of Camerino and the Marche Region of Italy, we will soon begin the next phase of our research. We are in contact with all parties involved as we progress through the initial stages, and we will provide updates in the coming weeks as the country opens up and work can be resumed.

We’re happy to share the inclusion of an additional scientist from the University of Camerino for Foregen’s next phase of animal trials, and we’ll have some more specific information on the development of our scientific team within the coming weeks.

We’re also happy to announce that Oscar Perez, our designer for the website, is joining as a new member of our staff team as Foregen’s UX & UI Designer. Oscar has played a key role in designing the site and setting it up for its launch at the end of April.  We feel that he captured the vision of Foregen very well with his design and has created a site that everyone can be proud of.  We look forward to working with him on future additions to the site, one of which is detailed below.

Currently, we’re working on publishing more content, since we know it’s the place where many people end up who are interested in the functions and the benefits of the foreskin, as well as our research on regenerating it. Currently, one of our main tasks is making the site available in different languages: we have integrated a tool with our website that allows us to set up a preliminary machine translation and have volunteer translators review, edit, and refine it. Right now we have implemented this for Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Spanish, French, and German.

Lastly, on a very important note, we are heartened by all of our donors who have continued to donate and to those of you who just started contributing. We raised a total of $8,366.02 for the month of May, with a running total of $597,916.  We think it means a lot that an individual finds our project and goal worthy enough to contribute some of their money to research that can offer benefits to millions around the world during a period of economic change.



Tyler Drozd

Chief Operations Officer