Dear Foregen Supporters,

As you already know, last month was the start of the second phase of animal trials involving a sheep model. We published a short video from our President and Founder, Vincenzo Aiello, who met at the laboratory with our scientists at the start of the experiment. In this phase we will be testing the vascularization and integration of the scaffolds on the sheep, a key part of preparing for human trials. We will be performing more tests and implantations as time goes on as part of analyzing these factors.

We also have more pictures and videos to share - some of them are of varying lengths, and some of them are in Italian, so we want to make sure we have them put together properly to give people more insight into the sheep phase of the animal trial.

Also, we recently published a slide deck that gives a good summary of what Foregen does in a visual format and explains where the organization stands now.  We made this available on our site here as a PDF available for anyone to download! We want to ensure that our community as well as anyone they talk to has the tools to introduce what Foregen does and why it’s so important to support it, since convincing others is a way to generate more attention on the issue as a whole.

This past June $18,943 was raised in donations, and as usual our thanks goes to the community! All of you have helped to continuously raise funds which enables all the crucial work to be done, including the current animal trials, and getting ready for human trials.

We will see you in the next newsletter!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer