Dear Foregen Supporters,

A new year is upon us, ending 2021 with a momentous push toward human clinical trials.

As most of you know, December saw Foregen’s first-ever donation matching campaign. This community has once again joined together to see foreskin regeneration become a reality, with another record-breaking month, this time totaling nearly $250,000!

Pre-matching donations totaled $149,925, with donor Pete Keay contributing an extremely generous $99,246 toward the goal, taking the position of first-place winner in the matching campaign rewards. We had a plethora of very generous donors during the entire month who contributed to make the campaign a success, including many donations for $100, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $6,000 and everywhere in between! This record month was accomplished with Executive Advisers, Adam and Shingo Lavine, through Emerald Ocean Ventures, contributing $100,000 as the pledged dollar-for-dollar matching, bringing the exact total to $249,925. A big thanks also goes out to all other donors, large and small, and the remaining donors will be contacted to claim their matching campaign rewards in the coming weeks.

On the 19th of December, we also announced the planned dates for the human clinical trial, with April 1st, 2023 as the planned start date, and a duration of 12 months until March 30th, 2024.  We have more details about the clinical trial process and selection criteria laid out in the Clinical Trials Abstract that we published on Commentarium, also available for download as a PDF.

This abstract was also announced during a live stream we hosted on our YouTube channel that featured members of Foregen’s staff discussing the scientific aspects of the research and how Foregen has been progressing. We encourage you to give it a watch at this link!

On an important note, Foregen has also engaged with a regenerative plastic surgeon who will be overseeing the surgical aspect of the clinical trial, and he is eager to participate in this groundbreaking work! Additionally, Foregen will be closely consulting with him in the sheep phase of the animal trial which will help to inform the techniques he applies in the human trial.

Lastly, we highly recommend everyone reads this post addressing many of your questions about the coming human trial.

For December Foregen also had more than 50 new people sign up for recurring donations this month, totaling over $1,400; this combined with the December Matching Campaign means the Foregen community has raised $1,315,609 to date.  Our thanks as usual goes to every donor who worked to make all of this possible and has been with us on the road to human trials and beyond!


Tyler Drozd

Chief Operations Officer