Dear Foregen Supporters,

We have some important updates to share with you from the team in Italy.

Foregen has consulted with its scientific team which has helped prepare an overview report from the rat model which you can find here

With the facilities available to us confirmed, the sheep can not be confined indoors at all times. Cold weather affects the blood vessels of the sheep and is expected to cause vascular constriction, which would directly affect the vascularization process and how well it could be established in the decellularized foreskin tissue. In order to best provide optimal experimental efficacy and animal welfare standards, the scientific team has decided that the sheep model will commence this March when the weather in that region will be sufficiently warm for experimental purposes.

However, we have some important and exciting developments regarding the upcoming human trial. This month, Foregen’s regenerative plastic surgeon will begin the process of testing and refining the techniques to be used for the human procedure. This testing and refining will take place on actual human cadavers by removing and reattaching the foreskin. Employing human cadavers will provide us with the ideal environment and conditions to most realistically mirror both the overall procedure and the nuanced aspects of the procedure. We are thrilled to begin this type of research and development as it is a major precursor to the human clinical trial and honing in on the precise surgical techniques to be used.

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Tyler Drozd

Chief Operations Officer