Dear Foregen Supporters,

This month we have a very special announcement. As many of you will recall, last month we made mention of a new article in the works surrounding the legal issues of male genital cutting. We’re thrilled to announce that Foregen’s Legal Adviser Peter W. Adler, along with Foregen’s Medical Adviser Robert S. Van Howe and others, have produced an exceptionally important legal article titled “Is Circumcision a Fraud?” in the prestigious Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy. We encourage everyone to read and share their article, which can be found here.

We have a small update from our Italian team: Our scientists are continuing their coordination with the Ph.D. candidate in preparation for animal trials, and important paperwork for the financial terms has all been approved.

Last month we also announced the creation of a publishing platform, Commentarium, currently in the works. Commentarium will help connect Foregen with the community, empower supporters to make their voices heard, and create more content to generate interactions and activity to promote awareness of Foregen and its mission. We already have some articles in the works, including submissions from supporters such as yourself. We highly encourage anyone interested in writing about the topic or sharing their personal story to submit a rough draft here.

If you or someone you know supports Foregen’s work and wants to aid in continued development, consider becoming part of our donor rewards program! Over the past month, we’ve had 30 new donors sign up - we’re happy to welcome them to the community and appreciate their support!

In November we raised $10,976 from all of your continued contributions! Overall this month’s donations have brought us to a running total of $660,587 to date, all due to dedicated supporters that have worked to bring the project to where it is now. With our new planned initiatives (more coming in the next newsletter) we look forward to attracting even more donors and expanding our audience going forward.

We hope everyone is doing alright!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer