Dear Foregen Supporters,

The end of the year is approaching and like last month the amazing updates continue to roll.

Foregen’s Executive Advisers, Adam and Shingo Lavine, through Emerald Ocean Ventures, have pledged $100,000 as a dollar-for-dollar match with all your donations through the month of December, effectively doubling the donations during this time! This will serve to maintain Foregen’s momentum and push forward progress on Foregen’s mission. You can read more details on the matching campaign here on Commentarium - we have a number of rewards as part of the matching campaign, so we encourage you to participate and double your donations!

As we’ve mentioned previously, if you’re also interested in contributing with cryptocurrency, there are a number of tax benefits for these donations we laid out in a short article here.

In big news from the research front we’ve received official confirmation from Dr. Palumbo and Dr. Rossi on the histological analysis they’ve conducted, which showed that the first stage of animal trials was a success! Dr. Palumbo and Dr. Rossi observed and documented the results they wanted to see in the rat model with the integration of the tissue and the immune response.

This means that the second and final part of animal trials, the model with sheep, has the green light and is planned to begin in January 2022. This is the last part of phase II that is required to be completed before Foregen will be able to prepare and move on to the human clinical trial phase.

As part of celebrating the $1,000,000 donation mark that was recently surpassed, we will be hosting a livestream discussion on our YouTube channel with Foregen’s Chief Operations Officer, Tyler Drozd, Chief Science Officer Eric Cunningham, Research Adviser William Musa, and Communication Officer Ryan Jones.  We will send out an additional email update this week with the day and time and other information. 

For November Foregen raised $24,349 in donations, making it another amazing month for donations! We had more than 20 new people sign up for recurring donations this month, totaling over $600. Our thanks as usual goes to every donor who worked to make all of this possible. To date, the Foregen community has raised $1,065,684 to aid in the mission to restore bodily integrity to every man who wants it.


Tyler Drozd

Chief Operations Officer