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Pioneering the world's first regenerative medicine solution for circumcised men

Gain Back Lost Functionality
  • Sexual Sensitivity

  • Having a foreskin can increase the pleasure felt during sexual activity.

  • Natural

  • The foreskin will restore the natural look of the penis as nature intended.

  • Psychological Well-being

  • Have peace of mind knowing that your choice as a man has been restored.

  • Genital

  • Reclaim your whole body by supporting the work of foreskin regeneration.

Would you undergo a minor surgery to regrow your own foreskin and fully reverse your circumcision?

Research Progress

The aim of Foregen's research is to regenerate the foreskin via tissue engineering techniques, and thereby restore its biological functions and benefits.

Full Roadmap


Donor Rewards

Foregen's work is built on contributions from its donors - as part of recognizing how crucial this has been, Foregen offers rewards to its most dedicated supporters. You can read more about all the rewards we offer by clicking on 'see all tiers' below.



Tier 1

  • Access to official Foregen Discord Server
  • Tier 1 Technician Tag in Discord Lounge


Per month!



Tier 2

  • All prior tier rewards
  • Tier 2 Biologist Tag in Discord Lounge
  • Early newsletter access via Discord


Per month!



Tier 3

  • All prior tier rewards
  • Tier 3 Chemist Tag in Discord Lounge
  • Invitation to official conference calls on organization updates


Per month!

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Our Scientists

Technical director at Foregen, Elena Bondioli, Ph.D.


Elena Bondioli, Ph.D.
Lead Veterinary Scientist at Foregen, Angela Palumbo, Ph.D.

Veterinary Scientist

Angela Palumbo Piccionello, Ph.D., D.V.M.
Why regenerate the foreskin?