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We receive questions daily from our Supporters as to the availability of foreskin regeneration and the timeframe of when we will complete our research and move onto human clinical trials. In these early stages of research, it is impossible to answer all of these questions fully. That being said, we base our answers off of previous achievements in the field of regenerative medicine and our best approximations based off of our current information.

When will the procedure to regenerate my foreskin become available?

How soon we proceed onto clinical trials and make the procedure publicly available is entirely up to you! It is not inconceivable that we can complete our research and move onto human subjects by 2019. However, this accelerated timeframe depends on whether or not we receive support of people like you who have the strong desire to regain genital integrity for yourself or a loved one.

How can I help?

The easiest and most effective way for you to help the cause is to become a become a Supporter today! With your monthly donation, you’ll receive our monthly newsletter, gain consideration for the clinical trial (if you’re interested!), and become part of The Supporter’s Forums – the place to plan for Foregen’s future with the directors and your fellow Supporters.

How much will the procedure cost?

We’ve received hundreds if not thousands of emails asking this very question. The simple answer – we cannot know until we’ve completed our research. When we conduct human clinical trials, those participants will receive the procedure for free as it will still be experimental. After the successful completion of human clinical trials, then we will offer the procedure publicly for its market value. Supporters have expressed concern that the procedure may be out of their budget when publicly available. Do not worry – just as everyone today has a smartphone, soon everyone tomorrow will have a foreskin. The point… with economies of scale, this procedure will eventually be accessible to all.

Will a restored foreskin interfere with the procedure?

Ever since Foregen’s inception, it is no surprise that one of our largest supporter bases were those men who were already familiar with the harm of circumcision and had made a decision to mitigate that harm. These men have already done the research and are weighing their decision between restoring their foreskin and waiting for regeneration. The decision as to whether you will pursue foreskin restoration today or wait for foreskin regeneration tomorrow is yours to make. Whatever your choice, we fully support your path to reclaim your genital integrity. For Foregen’s official stance on this issue, please see our blog post here.

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