Foreskin Regeneration
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A complete body is your right. Help foregen to get yours back.
With the latest technology of regenerative medicine, we know it is possible to regenerate a foreskin.  
Circumcision removes a crucial piece of the male genital organ. Claim your pleasure back!  
Your foreskin cells are programmed by Mother Nature to make more foreskin tissue.
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The idea that I could possibly have my foreskin back fills me with a rush of emotions that I can’t even put in to words. I might then feel like a human being who actually has rights and some control…       Blair, Foregen Supporter

Animal Regen Experiments

Posted on March 9, 2014 by Eric Clopper

foregen’s first experiments include decellularizing and regenerating animal foreskins to establish a method to apply to human tissue. The background It is customary to experiment with animal tissue before any drug or procedure is first introduced to human patients. For this reason, … Continue reading →