Foregen is a non-profit organization founded to research and implement regenerative medical therapies for circumcised males. Foregen’s goal is to heal the effects of circumcision.

Restoring Your Sexual Integrity

Restoring Your Sexual Integrity

The foreskin is not an optional extra for a man’s body, or an accident. It is an integral, functioning, important component of a man’s penis. Learn more about your physiology and how circumcision affects you and your loved ones.

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Advancing Regenerative Medicine

Advancing Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medical research has made true dermal regeneration possible to a greater extent than ever before. However, foreskin regeneration has not yet been attempted before. Foregen believes that it is time such trials were undertaken.

Learn More About the Science of Regeneration

Support Foregen's Work in Foreskin Regeneration

Support Foregen's Work in Foreskin Regeneration

The work of Foregen is entirely dependent on donor funds. We are a US registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with charitable aims. In order for us to continue the research and make real progress in the field of regenerative medicine of the foreskin, we need your help!

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Remembering Jonathon Conte

I would like to express my sincere condolences and the condolences of the Foregen team to the family and friends of the late Jonathon Conte.  Unfortunately I had never had chance to meet him in real life, but both Eric Clopper and Eric Cunningham met him and told me about his extraordinary passion for our common cause.  Jonathon was known for his work in the Bay Area Intactivists and fighting for the right of genital integrity for all.  By all...

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Foregen Pitch at Draper University

  In January and February of this year, I travelled from Boston to San Francisco to participate in a crash course entrepreneurial training program called Draper University (DU). DU was a 7-week program designed to help 40+ entrepreneurs actualize their visions for their concept and Series A round companies. It consisted of a series of modules designed to cultivate the risk-taking mentality needed to succeed in bold ventures such as Foregen’s. DU is run by billionaire venture capitalist (VC) Tim...

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