Dear Foregen supporters,

We're pleased to update you on our advancements and ongoing efforts in the month of August.

Histology Studies

Our original tissue supplier in Ukraine, established in 2021, faced operational disruptions due to the tragic outbreak of conflict in the region. We've since made progress in securing tissue samples from a Scottish source for the HistologiX study. Additionally, we're in talks with another UK supplier to support Dr. Giacomo Rossi's histology study. Despite previous challenges, we now look forward to completing these critical studies.

Sheep Trials

We're awaiting approval from Italian authorities to commence our next round of sheep trials. Once granted, we'll share the start date with you. As we prepare for this next phase, the results from Dr. Michele Riccio's cadaver lab work are being thoroughly evaluated to inform our research strategy. We expect to receive approval very soon.

GoFundMe: Strong Community Support

We launched a GoFundMe campaign in late August, and are thrilled to report that it has already raised over $11,000! Your collective support is incredibly encouraging and vital for the completion of our sheep trials and subsequent research stages.

LIMS Testing

Thank you to everyone who offered to provide mock data for the LIMS system we've chosen to facilitate our planned human clinical trials. We've received an abundance of responses and are sorting through them as we prepare to move forward. If you're contacted, we will provide guidance on how you can assist.

August Fundraising

In total, we raised $21,504 in August, combining traditional donations with GoFundMe contributions (from August). We recognize the significance of your financial commitment and are deeply appreciative of your continued support.


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer