Dear Foregen Supporters,

Foregen’s Chief Science Officer, Eric Cunningham, has recently published a comment in Springer Nature’s International Journal of Impotence Research detailing how scientists must reckon with the ethical implications of their work. The comment is a response to a previous paper published in the journal that cited Foregen’s work.

Tyler Drozd, Foregen’s Chief Operations Officer, has nearly completed his MBA and has a quick survey for Foregen’s supporters to fill out if they’d like to assist his research. The survey concerns circumcision and its effect on you, as well as people’s willingness to get Foregen’s procedure, and you can complete it here.

If you haven’t seen them we’ve published a series of short videos on our YouTube channel with some inside views of the animal trials and the facilities with Dr. Palumbo and Foregen’s founder Vincenzo Aiello.  You can follow the links here for the first, second and third videos to check them out!

This past August the community raised $16,592 in donations and saw 20 new recurring donors sign up for over $500 in recurring donations. Thanks to all of you and your support that keeps Foregen’s research moving, we’ll have more to share in the coming months.


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer