Dear Foregen Supporters,

It’s been a busy month filled with exciting progress and developments. Have a look at our latest updates!

Dr. Riccio's Findings in the Cadaver Lab

Dr. Riccio presented a thorough report of his findings from the cadaver lab to the Foregen board of directors. His presentation was not just insightful, but also a testament to his expertise and dedication. While the proposed procedure remains a two-stage operation, Dr. Riccio has thoughtfully added new techniques to ensure enough overall tissue is available to achieve successful attachment and integration of the ECM, and full glans coverage. We are also seeking opinions from external experts to ensure that our procedure is the very best it can be.

Sheep Trials Update

All preparations for the next round of sheep trials are in place. We've secured the lab space, ordered the sheep, and the team of veterinarians are ready to commence. We are now eagerly waiting for the green light from the ethics review board within the Italian government.

Leadership Visits Italy

Three members of the board of directors visited Italy in late September to meet with Enzo and the scientists to discuss our immediate and long-term goals. This involved formulating plans and taking care of administrative tasks such as formulating contracts, outlining milestones, and discussing staffing needs as we progress towards human trials.

Q4 Conference Call

Our recent conference call featured insights and discussions with Enzo, William, and Ryan. For those who couldn’t join, the recorded version is available for you to listen in here.

GoFundMe Campaign

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the outstanding support our GoFundMe campaign has received. With contributions exceeding $20,000, it's clear that our mission resonates deeply with many of you. We urge everyone to continue spreading the word and help us keep this momentum going. Every contribution, no matter its size, brings us a step closer to our goal.

September Fundraising

Last month, when combining our GoFundMe campaign with all other donations, we raised $27,022. Our sincere gratitude goes out to you and we look forward to providing more updates as we continue our historic mission!


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer