Dear Foregen Supporters,

As the year progresses, we’re excited to share some significant developments and updates from the Foregen team. Here’s what’s been happening:

Second Cadaver Lab
Dr. Riccio is gearing up for his second cadaver lab session scheduled for November 15th and 16th. This is expected to be the final cadaver lab session. We believe this one will provide Dr. Riccio with the essential insights needed to confidently proceed towards human clinical trials.

Collaboration with Renowned Experts
We're happy to announce that two expert genital surgeons, Dr. Dan O'Dey and Dr. Patrizio Vicini, have expressed an interest in travelling to Rimini, Italy to consult with Foregen, after the cadaver lab is complete. Their expertise and perspectives are invaluable and will significantly contribute to our readiness for human clinical trials.

Update on Sheep Trials
We acknowledge the delay in commencing the next round of sheep trials and sincerely apologize for any loss of trust. We have received approval from the Animal Welfare Body, and are waiting on the last stage of approval from the Ministry of Health. Dr. Palumbo has met with Foregen and indicated that she and her team are ready. We’re looking forward to this crucial phase.

Fundraising Success
Our GoFundMe campaign has surpassed the halfway mark, raising more than $29,000 towards our target goal! We are overwhelmed by the generosity and support from our community. Every contribution brings us closer to our vision.

In October, the community raised a total of $27,150 (which includes the GoFundMe campaign). As we move forward, your support and belief in our mission continue to be our driving force. We are deeply grateful for your ongoing commitment and enthusiasm. Together, we are paving the way towards a future of healing and restoration.


Ryan Jones
Chief Operations Officer