Dear Foregen Supporters,

In this newsletter we wanted to provide you with a short update on the ongoing sheep trial. Through the end of this year, we will be utilizing a modified implantation technique to apply foreskin tissue to four additional sheep. We are excited to examine the results of this process and improve our methods, as mentioned in the video that we published with Dr. Palumbo recently.

We are still working with HistologiX on tissue collection, and have recently provided them with additional documentation to ensure that the process goes smoothly. We are looking to wrap up the paperwork and any further information they need from us by Christmas, so we’ll keep you updated on that too!

In October, the community of donors contributed to raise a total of $16,694.04, including several $1,000 ones from some very generous donors! Each donation keeps the research going - our thanks goes to you for being part of the success and progress at Foregen!


Tyler J. Drozd

Chief Operations Officer