Dear Foregen Supporters,

Welcome back to our most recent newsletter. We have some important updates for you, and an overview of the best parts of February.

What's Happened Since Last Time?

  • We are continuing to coordinate with the ethics committee and their road-map in preparation for animal trials.  More importantly, we have located a scientist in Italy with the experience who could collaborate with us on an animal trial and conduct the required experiments.


  •  We are also continuing our conversations with contacts that have expressed interest in helping us through the process of finding financial backing.  At this time we can’t release more information, but we will keep you informed as we are able to.

  • Our Chief Science Officer, Eric Cunningham, is leveraging his background in Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and is writing a piece detailing the Bioethical issues involving circumcision and the use of neonatal tissue in Biotechnology, Biomedical research, and Cosmetics industries.


  • As part of our continued efforts to expand our geographic scope, our contacts with the Swiss trade agency have been helping us conduct a facility search to find a location that will fit our future research needs going forward.


  • For the month of February we saw 226 new supporters sign up and reached a total of $7,654 in donations, which helps us move forward with the next parts of our mission!  Be sure to inform other activists, friends and family about Foregen and the science we’re pursuing to one day help provide genital integrity to men around the world. Our overall total to date is $573,671.83  Let’s keep it up.

Tell Me Something Interesting

  • In this article, “New Jersey-based Rutgers University engineers have developed their version of bio-ink, which is made of living cells and used to 3D print scaffolds for human tissue growth. [...] According to the study, what sets this bio-ink apart from others is the ability to precisely control its properties using mixing techniques. A major accomplishment in the study was the successful customization of the shapes of the produced scaffolds.”

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next newsletter. If you’d like more frequent updates, please head over to our blog, or visit one of our social media accounts – the links are in the website footer.



Matthew J. Serody

Senior Director