Dear Foregen supporters,

May has proven to be another successful month with new developments and advancements! Here are the key updates:

‍Ethics Review Application

Our research is taking step forward as we've submitted a request to the ethics review institution at the University of Camerino. This application is for the approval of the next round of sheep trials.

Dr. Palumbo’s Video Update

We have a special update from Dr. Angela Palumbo, which shared the current status of our sheep trials, highlighting the promising results in terms of vascularization, re-epithelialization, and scaffold colonization. In addition, Dr. Palumbo also provided insight into our application process for obtaining the next round of sheep.

Flooding in Rimini, Italy

We faced an unforeseen event this month when serious flooding occurred in Rimini. We are relieved to report that all our Italian staff and scientists are safe and operations were not affected. We are proud of our team's resilience and dedication amidst such circumstances.

Progress by HistologiX

Our partner HistologiX continues to make strides in our collaborative histology study. They are presently making progress in sourcing foreskin tissue, which is critical for the next phase of our research.


In May, we raised $19,308. As always, your continued support is invaluable to us. You help us push the boundaries of regenerative medicine and work towards developing a new approach in potentially reversing male circumcision.

Thank you for being a steadfast part of the Foregen community!


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer