Dear Foregen supporters,

As we celebrate the end of an eventful year, we're thrilled to share some wonderful news that highlights new progress in our research.

Ethics Approval for Sheep Trials

We are delighted to announce that we have received ethics approval for our upcoming round of sheep trials in collaboration with the University of Camerino. This is great news, as it caps off the culmination of our efforts in securing the laboratory space, organizing staffing, and procuring the sheep. With this final approval in place, our next immediate action is to coordinate the transportation of the decellularized ECMs into Dr. Palumbo's possession.

GoFundMe Success

In equally exciting news, thanks to the incredible generosity and dedication of our community, we have surpassed our fundraising target! Our GoFundMe Campaign has raised a remarkable $46,720, exceeding our original goal of $45,000. This outstanding achievement is a testament to your belief in our mission and your commitment to making a difference. We are profoundly grateful for your exceptional support!

Dr. Riccio's Second Cadaver Lab Session

Dr. Riccio has completed his second cadaver lab session and delivered an internal report to Foregen leadership detailing his findings. We are currently assimilating this research into the development of our proposed procedure. This is a critical step in piecing together our final surgical plan when it comes to approaching human clinical trials.

$50,000 Matching Campaign Progress

In the month of December, Foregen donors contributed a whopping $40,390! As a reminder, all donations up to $50,000 were matched dollar-for-dollar by Foregen board members and generous sponsors, the Lavine Family! Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to every one of our charitable supporters, and we eagerly look forward to making significant research progress this year!


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer