Dear Foregen supporters,

January has been a productive month for Foregen! Here are some of our latest updates:

Sheep Trials to Begin this Month

We are happy to share that our next round of sheep trials, which are expected to be our final one, is scheduled to begin in mid-February and should last for approximately three months. Following the completion of these experiments, we will be publishing the full results for the benefit of our supporters, the wider scientific community, and our project.

Outside Consultations

After the completion of Dr. Riccio’s two cadaver lab sessions, we received a detailed report of his findings and have begun the process of consulting with additional surgeons to ensure our approach is fully optimized. Two weeks ago, Foregen President Enzo Aiello traveled to Germany to meet in-person with a renowned genital surgeon. We will conduct additional consultations in the near-term.

Histology Studies

As those who have been following our progress are aware, we have faced challenges in sourcing tissue for our two ongoing histology studies, due primarily to the unfortunate conflict in Ukraine. However, we have identified a new potential source in Eastern Europe and are in an early discussions phase of sourcing tissue from them.

Q1 Conference Call

The year’s first conference call with donors took place last Saturday and was an excellent event! We gave donors an update on our recent progress and had a very informative Q&A session.


Last month, the Foregen community contributed a substantial $27,135. This includes contributions made through our ongoing GoFundMe campaign! As always, our gratitude goes out to all who support us, and we are happy to continue to work for you, towards our mission of pioneering the world’s first regenerative medicine solution for circumcised men!


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer