Dear Foregen Supporters,

For this month we have a few new updates to share about our ongoing research, as well as a few exciting changes to Foregen's operations and leadership structure.

In Italy, we completed our updated implantation procedure on four additional sheep, and the scientists reported that the procedures went well. The tissue is currently undergoing an histological analysis by the team, and we are awaiting their results. We will provide an update on this important stage of the sheep trials when the analysis is complete.

We finalized the study plan with HistologiX for their histology study, which is separate from the sheep trials, and are excited to begin. The purpose of this research is to better understand the human foreskin at a granular level, which will inform our subsequent therapeutic developments. It will also add to the wider body of scientific knowledge in general. We will keep you updated as this research progresses as well.

As previously announced, Foregen has restructured its Board of Directors and also promoted two staff members. Peter Adler, a pioneer in the legal effort to protect children from circumcision, has joined the Board. Adam and Shingo Lavine, who have been serving as Executive Advisors since 2020, have also joined the Board. Lastly, two new additions to Foregen have joined the Board, the first being Nino Hope, who holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and has decades of experience providing business consulting services to Microsoft. And last but certainly not least, Aiko Namura Lavine has joined the Board. Aiko is a highly experienced expert in international governance and structure and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Ms. Lavine represents the Lavine Family Giving fund which has been a generous donor to Foregen and will help with its governance, oversight, and structure moving forward.

In addition, our official address has changed! For those who would like to submit paper correspondence, or prefer to write physical checks, please take note of this new mailing address. Starting tomorrow, it can be found at the bottom of the homepage of our website. We thank you for your flexibility and look forward to receiving mail from you at our new address from now on.

In January, the community contributed an impressive $24,468 for the month! Each donation keeps our research going - thank you for being part of this unique mission and powering our progress at Foregen!


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer