Dear Foregen supporters,

July has been another productive month and we are excited to share with you some recent updates!

Cadaver Lab Research

Dr. Michele Riccio has successfully completed his experimentation upon four cadavers on July 19th and 20th in the cadaver lab that we reserved. Initial reports indicate that he is satisfied with the results so far of the surgical technique he is developing. His cadaver work appears to confirm the plausibility of deploying Dr. Palumbo’s burying technique to create a vascular network within the ECM, prior to final implantation in the patient. Furthermore, he has confirmed the two vascular layers in the patient’s body that will need to be used during the final stage of the surgery, and the technical details on how to attach the ECM to those layers. More days in the cadaver lab may be required to answer a few more questions.

Next Round of Sheep Trials

As a reminder, our anticipated final round of sheep trials is still set to begin in September, 2023. These experiments are intended to answer technical questions we have around developing the second stage of our anticipated surgical approach, which is the attachment of the partially vascularized ECM to the patient’s penis. The next steps for moving forward on this stage is to receive approval from the ethics review board, confirm the reservation of the laboratory space, and receive the sheep.

LIM System Testing

We have made a selection for the LIM (Laboratory Information Management) system that we intend to use for our future human clinical trials, and are currently testing it in a sandbox environment to determine how best to customize it to suit our unique needs. We also intend to probe for any potential bugs or other issues. This means we need volunteers to help! If you are interested, please contact us here or at

In July, we raised a total of $15,488. As always, your support is highly appreciated. Your donations make our research a reality, and with you by our side, we will continue to move forward towards our goal of reversing the harms of male circumcision.


Ryan Jones

Chief Operating Officer