Dear Foregen supporters,

On March 20th, 2023, our team of scientists presented the positive results of the sheep trials so far, which included a histological analysis of the implanted decellularized membrane. The degree of vascularization and innervation observed in the sheep was very promising, demonstrating that our technique has great potential in human patients.

Although we have made significant progress in our research, there is still work to be done. Further testing is necessary to iron out a few unknowns, such as how to properly adapt for different foreskin sizes, how to embed perfectly into the shaft skin, how best to optimize cell migration through a proposed “burying” technique, as well as other detailed aspects of the surgery. We must fully refine our technique to ensure its successful application in human clinical trials. As a result, we have initiated the process of acquiring additional sheep for experimentation. These next experiments are set to begin in September and are projected to last three months. We cannot proceed to human trials without first completing this step, as the data we intend to collect will be vital in ensuring full tissue integration in humans.

Now that we have a clearer time frame to finish the sheep trials, Dr. Michele Riccio feels confident that he can begin his preparations for human clinical trials this summer. He will be practicing his surgical technique on cadavers to better prepare himself for working on live patients. By starting these preparations early, Dr. Riccio intends to begin the human clinical trials as soon as possible after the sheep trials have finished. He is strongly motivated to create the most optimal outcome desired by his patients and is taking great care to acquire the knowledge he needs to do so.

The first two assays have been optimized in the ongoing histology study conducted by HistologiX, and we look forward to providing an update on the third when it’s completed. This is great news, because this will help inform our planned human trials as well as contribute to the scientific knowledge on the anatomy and functions of the foreskin.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our community of supporters, who have continuously made this research possible. We are delighted by the constructive conversations that have taken place in our Discord server, which include a fruitful Q2 Conference Call on April 1st with Foregen President Vincenzo Aiello, CSO William Musa, COO Ryan Jones, and IT Specialist Mason Michalec and donors at Tier 3 (Chemist) and above. We also appreciate the helpful feedback and suggestions that we’ve received via email. We appreciate and encourage positive communication with our supporters.

In addition, we raised a total of $18,313 in March. We’ve seen an increase in new supporters recently and are happy with the continuing growth of our community. You too can join the Foregen community today! We are humbled by your unwavering support and remain committed to our mission of developing a regenerative treatment for circumcised men.


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer