Dear Foregen supporters,

In March, we made significant strides in advancing our research project. Here are some highlights of our progress:

Sheep Trials Progress

Dr. Palumbo and her team completed the first set of attachment surgeries and are analyzing the results. Two videos—Part 1 and Part 2—were published on YouTube! The next set of surgeries will begin within weeks, testing an alternative method of burying the tissue to ensure optimal vascularization and cell migration. Your incredible support during our recent GoFundMe campaign made this possible! The experimental phase of the sheep experiments are expected to be completed by June, at which point the team will analyze the results and begin work on final publication.

New Tissue Source Found

Foregen is now working with a new team to acquire tissue samples. They are being provided to to Dr. Angela Palumbo, HistologiX, and Dr. Giacomo Rossi for the fulfillment of their research projects with us. We hope to build a long-term partnership with this institution to continue to support our research and potential therapeutic use with decellularized foreskin tissue samples.

Clinical Research Manager

Foregen is currently interviewing candidates to fill our Clinical Research Manager position. The intention behind this effort is to elevate the coordination of our research operations and prepare for human clinical trials. We will keep the community updated on our progress in this regard.

Potential Collaborations

To meet potential future demand, we understand the need to develop new solutions for challenges such as tissue sourcing, clinical and surgical partnerships, and ECM production technologies. We continue to explore potential collaborations with capable institutions and will provide updates as developments occur.


Thanks to our incredibly generous and supportive community, Foregen raised a total of $17,447 in March! These funds enable us to secure laboratory space, materials, and staff necessary for our research. We are deeply grateful for your support.

Your continued support can make a significant difference. Join us in developing the world’s first regenerative medicine solution for circumcised men!


Ryan Jones
Chief Operations Officer