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We are happy to release our first official newsletter! In this regular publication, you will find all of the latest updates on our progress. Not only will you find links and videos to our scientific experiments in our newsletter, we will also provide you with the latest shout outs from organizations and members from the media who support our work.

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Foregen’s stance on foreskin restoration

Many of Foregen's members and visitors are currently committed to a foreskin restoration program.  One of the most common questions Foregen receives is whether or not their restoration will affect their future prospects of regeneration.  Unfortunately, Foregen will not be able to provide a definitive answer to this question until further research is done and clinical trials commence...

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Foregen and the Future: A New Direction

There is a tremendous unrealized demand for foreskin regeneration around the world, particularly in countries such as the United States where the circumcision rate is high.  Since our founding in 2010, Foregen has received the support and appreciation of men from around the world who come from varied ethnic, social, religious and economic backgrounds.  These men have one thing in common: a deep, personal interest, and an enormous passion in seeing foreskin regeneration become a reality.  The countless emails we have received demonstrate this passion and support for our project and leaves us with no doubt that we will bring foreskin regeneration to fruition...

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Latest Update – Foregen’s Scientific Progress

The first experiment has huge importance for all people concerned with human dignity and bodily integrity, because for the first time in history, a committed and passionate organization has decided to solve a senseless problem facing millions of men in the world.  We intend to regenerate the foreskin as nature created it.  The technology is available, but to achieve our goals more quickly we will need even more supporters.  So far, each donor has given his money for a cause in which he believes and for the chance at becoming whole.  We have raised awareness, but nevertheless the pace of fundraising has been too slow...

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