Dear Foregen supporters,

Thanks to your continuing support, we've made significant progress and are excited to share with you some highlights from June:

Surgical Stage of Animal Trials Completed

The sheep surgeries are finished! The new tissue samples were decellularized using a new technique and implanted into the sheep. This month, the last ECM will be removed from the sheep, and a histological analysis will be performed. Then, all of the sheep data accumulated so far will be collated, and the process of final publication of the sheep trial results will begin. We anticipate this will be published later this year.

Introducing Beatrix Szebeni-Varga

We are excited to share that our new Clinical Project Manager is Beatrix Szebeni-Varga! She brings over 15 years of experience as an independent consultant in the pharmaceuticals and CRO industry. Beatrix has successfully managed and led multiple clinical trials across different phases, regions, and therapeutic areas, ensuring quality, compliance, and timeliness of deliverables. She will increase Foregen’s effectiveness by ensuring efficiency and effective communication across our highly skilled research partners. We also anticipate she will play a vital role in preparing for human clinical trials!

Histology Study

Tissue providers have been identified, and accounts are being opened, allowing us to order samples very soon for our ongoing histology study with HistologiX. As reported previously, the assays have been optimized, and the HistologiX team is ready to begin the analysis. This study will provide critical data for our surgical partners and should be concluded in late 2024.

Preparations for Human Clinical Trials

Now that the animal trials phase is nearing completion, our focus is turning increasingly towards preparing for human trials! Meetings are currently being arranged between our veterinarian partners, surgical partners, and other specialists to work towards finalizing a surgical plan for use in humans. This is an ongoing process that will take place between now and when we are prepared to apply for ethics approval for the human trials. In the meantime, we will also need to explore new partnerships with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), select a location, and carry out financial planning for this final stage of our research project. Barring unexpected delays, we are currently aiming to begin human trials next year.


Thanks to our incredibly generous and supportive community, Foregen raised a total of $17,796 in June! These funds enable us to secure laboratory space, materials, and staff necessary for our research. We are deeply grateful for your charitable giving.

Your continued support can make a significant difference. Join us today in developing the world’s first regenerative medicine solution for circumcised men!


Ryan Jones

Chief Operations Officer