Dear Foregen Supporters,

Despite COVID-19's effect on our scientific research, Foregen's staff have continued their work as usual. One of our administrative projects that we've been working on for several months is a total refresh of our website.

With discussions for funding ongoing, a simple yet professional website that acts as a face to our company is extremely important. This delivers a clear framework of what Foregen is and what we plan to do, and provides prospective funders with a sense of professionalism and competence on our part.

You may see some changes made to the website in the coming weeks and beyond as we streamline aspects of the website's design and content. However, as we move forward with our contacts for funding it's important that we have the very basics set up and in order right now.

If you notice anything you think needs to be fixed, please let us know by using the contact form on the site.


Matthew J. Serody

Senior Director