The Foregen Future Newsletter #10 December 1st, 2017

Dear Foregen Supporters,

Welcome back to our most recent newsletter. We have some important updates for you, and an overview of the best parts of November.

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Update Video From Our Spokesman

This is a quick rundown and explanation about our spokesman Eric Clopper's update video for those who are interested. You can find that video here.

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A common question that arises in relation to Foregen’s groundbreaking technology is: will there be a scar? To see a scar in the most intimate of places can be difficult, and always accompanies circumcision. The promising answer to the question though, is not only will this new treatment not create an additional scar, it will remove the existing scar.

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The Victim Seesaw


College. A place where freedom of thought and expression is explored to its greatest potential. No longer are students and professors limited by curriculum’s that restrict the exploration of ideas or concepts that some might consider too controversial.

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