About Us

Our Mission

Foregen is a non-profit organization founded to research and implement regenerative medical therapies for circumcised males.

Our foundation

Foregen™ was created in 2010 thanks to donor funds. Foregen operates in the United States and Europe. Its head office is in Rome, Italy, where it is a registered charity (Reg. No. 6482, Serie 1T, 2010). See original founding documents here. Foregen is also tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code and it is headed by a board of charitable directors, with participants and donors across both continents and beyond.

Our people

Foregen is run purely by volunteers. This permits foregen to direct all the funds it receives towards its substantive projects. In 2010, Mr. Vincenzo Aiello became foregen’s President. He is assisted by a Vice-President and an Administrative Council.

Our mission

Foregen’s goal is to heal the physical and psychological damage that is inherent to circumcision. Research (and common sense) irrevocably demonstrates the functional and sensory losses to the penis when circumcised, as well as the potential for psychological damage for those on whom such surgery was imposed. Fortunately, regenerative medical techniques now offer a greater possibility than ever to regrow human tissue (especially dermal tissue) lost in prior trauma. However, those techniques have not yet been applied to those who have been circumcised.

Foregen was founded to promote and arrange a clinical trial which would use regenerative techniques to regrow the tissue removed at circumcision. After dismissing many unsatisfactory proposals from research institutions, we have decided to conduct our own research and clinical trials. With the help of dedicated scientists, we will apply known regenerative techniques to the foreskin in order to restore normal penile function and sensitivity.

Foregen is not an activist organization we have no legislative or political agenda, nor any desire to engage in the controversy which surrounds the topic of circumcision. foregone is a pioneering research organization. We have applied regenerative techniques to animal foreskins and will continue our research on adult human foreskins. foregen is the organization that regenerative medicine was made for, as it applies to roughly one billion people, if you include circumcised males and their partners! Since foregen’s foundation, countless men have expressed great delight that an organization such as this finally exists something for which they have been searching for years.

Our work

Foregen’s tasks are:

  • To experiment with animal tissue to obtain a viable method of foreskin regeneration
  • To apply what we have learned from our animal experiments to regenerate human foreskins
  • To advance onto clinical trials once foregen proves that regenerating human foreskin is possible

To see foregen’s current progress click here.

For more on the potential of regenerative medicine and the viability of Foregens goals, click here.

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